Ryusen Hamono Limited
In 1953, Ryusen Hamono began to manufacture blades using traditional Echizen Uchihamono forging techniques which has a history of more than 700 years in Echizen of Fukui prefecture. In recent years we have developed our own special processing technique for thermal treatment, blade polishing, press and welding in order to seek new possibilities for blades. This has led us to the manufacturing of cutleries such as steak knives. We aim to build a company brand that builds upon the tradition of excellence in craftsmanship in Echizen and that can earn trust and confidence in the world.
[from the left] President: Kouji Masutani,  Chairman: the late Hiroshi Masutani,  Executive Director: Taiji Masutani

Company Name Ryusen Hamono Co., Ltd.
President Koji Masutani
Establishment In 1953
About Company 49-1-5, Ikenokami, Echizen City
Fukui Prefecture 915-0873 JAPAN

Email: info@ryusen-hamono.com
URL:  http://www.ryusen-hamono.com
Manufactured Items Double-edged kitchen knives,
Single-edged kitchen knives,
Steak knives
≪The Netherlands≫
Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij
Van Musschenbroekstraat 4 | 2522 AP Den-Haag
TEL: 070 390 23 74 / FAX: 070 4156467
Email: info@messenslijpen.nl
URL:  http://www.messenslijpen.nl

≪The United States of America≫
Japanese Knife Imports, Inc.
8642 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA
Email: Jon@JapaneseKnifeImports.com
URL:  https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com

Ryusen strives to offer high quality products using a traditional technology, which have been passed down from their grandfather 'Hitoshi Masutani', the founder of Ryusen, who gains the best craftsmanship skills as a blade polisher, and also our products are filled with techniques and spirits of our craftsmen who have continued to support Ryusen family.

Today, skilled craftsman 'Hiroshi Masutani', the second generation, who have been working hard to improve his own technique of sharpening blade for 67 years straight, and his two sons who carry on his spirit, the 3 of Masutani family join forces to make attractive products which meet for various needs of the customer.

We would like to continue our efforts to make kitchen knives using traditional 'Echizen Uchihamono' forged blades techniques, and we also aim to advance to a new field, such as steak knife and stationery, based on the experience we have gained till now.

We don't know how that will turn out from now on. However, we are hoping from our heart that many people will know Ryusen products having a function of not only enjoying the beautiful appearance but also a sharp edge and its ease of use. And we hope our efforts will help and contribute to revitalization of our local industry in Echizen city, Fukui.

1948 Hitoshi Masutani, the founder, gains the best craftsmanship skills as a blade polisher.
1953 Hiroshi Masutani, the second, founds Ryusen Hamono Manufacturing.
1961 Started the researches to develop kitchen knives using stainless from Takefu Tokusyu Kouzai Corp.
1970 The first to launch multi-layered stainless kitchen knives based on traditional skills.
1973 Joint development with Murayama Corp. from Sanjyou-shi, Nigata, we developed Henkei Roll Tanzou (Deformation Roll Forging).
1974 Succeeds in developing low heat forging processing that doesn’t damage components of steel, and launches the products.
1988 Launches sales of Bonten Unryu, a kitchen knife for pro cooks.
1989 Founds Ryusaen Hamono, Limited.
1990 Wins Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry.
2002 Launches sales of Bureizen, a kitchen knife for pro cooks.
2003 Hiroshi Masutani, the president, wins a Yellow Ribbon Medal.
2008 Kouji Masutani becomes the third president.
2008 Enlarges the second factory.
2009 Launches sales of Tanganryu series.
2009 Joins “Japan Brand Business” , a promotion organization for Echizen Uchihamono globalization.
2010 Exhibits the products at “Ambiente” in Frankfurt, Germany, 2010.
2010 Becomes the chairman of the National Cutleries and Hand Tools Federation for 2 terms.
2011 Exhibits products at "Haute Cuisine" in Paris, France
2012 Exhibits products at “Ambiente” in Frankfurt, Germany, 2012.
2012 Joins the Echizen Products Business Division for enforcing business overseas.
2013 Supports Japanese contestants at Bocuse d'Or World Cooking Contest by developing and making a steak knife.
2013 Launches sales of the steak knife that was specially made for the 2013 Bocuse d'Or World Cooking Contest.
2013 Wins the Good Design Award, Steak Knife “ASYMMETRY SK01.”
2014 Wins the Good Design Award, Steak Knife “COLORS / NATURE SK03.”
2015 Wins the Good Design Award, Letter Opener “LICORNE LR01.”
2015 Exhibits and sales products at “Le SALON” in Paris, France.

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