Terumasa Tone  / 刀根 瑛昌 BOU YOU ROU Fukui, Japan
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Terumasa Tone / 刀根 瑛昌

  • CEO / 4th family head
  • Fukui, Japan

Japanese style restaurant and inn "BOU YOU ROU"
4th family head / CEO Mr. Tone Terumasa

BOU YOU ROU is a Japanese style restaurant and inn, which was established in the 11th year of Meiji period by the current owner's ancestors, who ran a shipping and wholesales business in Mikuni City, Fukui Prefecture, flourished as a port of call for 'Kitamae-Bune (cargo ships that sailed the Japan Sea during the Edo period)' back then. With the breath-taking Sea of Japan in front, the restaurant inn is known for serving the highest quality "Echizen Gani" crabs.

The restaurant inn was reopened in November 2021, after its complete renovation of the original classic wooden architecture. It became one of the most sought out hotel destinations in Japan by not only domestic foodies, but also by foodies from all over the world.

In 2023, we have asked Mr. Masutani, the president of Ryusen, to create the seafood fork suitable for the "Echizen Gani" crabs, the most famous ingredient of Fukui prefecture in the field of Japanese "gastronomy"; therefore the seafood fork "GranPeak" was launched.

【 Restaurant Information 】
Restaurant and Inn: "BOU YOU ROU"
Address: Inside Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park, 4-3-38, Komegawaki, Mikuni-Cho, Sakai-City, Fukui, 9130057, JAPAN
Phone: +81 776-82-0067

Story behind the development of the seafood fork "GranPeak"

BOU YOU ROU, a restaurant inn, stands near the Fukui's scenic spot of Tojinbo, was established about 110 years ago.
For a long time, Mr. Tone, the president of the restaurant inn, was seeking the perfect crab forks to eat premium grade "Echizen Gani" crabs, and he consulted with us Ryusen Hamono, hoping we could produce the crab forks that is uncompromisingly designed to eat crabs.

3 companies, "BOU YOU ROU", who has strong passion for the finest quality crabs, "TITANIUM CREATOR FUKUI", a professional team of eyeglasses processing techniques, and "RYUSEN HAMONO", who takes over the techniques of Echizen-forged blades called Echizen Uchihamono, collaborated on this product, and we put our focus together on an unwavering effort to produce the perfect crab forks for eating "Echizen Gani" crabs, a local specialty of Fukui. In this way, the seafood fork "GranPeak" was finally created.

Mr. Tone said that we could convey the charms of Fukui just with this fork. He was extremely satisfied with the quality of the "GranPeak" that he wished many people would use. His smile and belief were a great encouragement for us striving to create highly satisfactory products.

The titanium seafood fork "Granpeak"; designed to pursue usability and beauty thoroughly. Enjoy the superb experience of using the seafood fork at BOU YOU ROU!
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