Jonnie Boer Restaurant 「De Librije 」 Zwolle, Netherlands
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Jonnie Boer

  • Restaurant 「De Librije 」
  • Owner / Chef
  • Zwolle, Netherlands

Restaurant「De Librije」
Owner/Chef 『Jonnie Boer』

The three-star restaurant "De Librije" in Zwolle, the Netherlands, owned and managed by the great chef 'Jonnie Boer' and his wife 'Thérèse'. Jonnie Boer met his wife Thérèse at De Librije in 1992 and since then they have created one of the best restaurants in the world. He simply follows his instinct and cooks what he believes is delicious food. He still develops himself and his restaurant without ever betraying the pure flavours and authentic nature of his produce. In his environment, there is also room to cultivate his own herbs and plants just next to the tables, which enhances the interaction between the food and the ingredients. Jonnie Boer is a great chef with a big sense of humour and warmth. 'De Librije' is more than a restaurant: it is an unforgettable total experience combining food, art, luxury, innovation and creativity. A must visit over and over again!

【 Restaurant Information 】
Restaurant:「De Librije」
Address:Spinhuisplein 1, 8011 ZZ Zwolle, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 38 421 2083
【Customer Selection of Ryusen Products】:
 ●Steak Knife「Nature SK03」
 (This knife is Jonnie's limited model knife
 made of natural Rosewood trees called '紫檀 (Shitan)' in Japan)
 ●Kitchen Knife「丹巌龍 - TanganRyu (handle: walnut)」

It's a great honor to be selected to make a special table knife and kitchen knife for such a great chef, as 'Jonnie Boer' for us.

This is the site of "Jonnie Boer's special steak knife", "Slijperij J.M van Rangelrooij" and "Ryusen Hamono"!! Great story of artists.
Please check this out!

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