Mario Ridder Restaurant 「Joelia, by Mario」 Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Mario Ridder

  • Restaurant 「Joelia, by Mario」
  • Owner / Chef
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands

Restaurant「Joelia, by Mario」
Owner/Chef 『Mario Ridder』

Mario Ridder is an owner / chef of the Restaurant "Joelia By Mario" located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The city has an international reputation as one of the largest ports in the world. "Joelia By Mario" is highly popular for delicious dish, high quality wine, expansive atmosphere, luxurious interior and cozy background music with not only the local people but also sightseeing tourists from foreign nations.

【 Restaurant Information 】
Restaurant:「Joelia By Mario」
Address:Coolsingel 5, 3012 AA Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)10 710 80 34
【Customer Selection of Ryusen Products】:
 Steak Knife「Colors SK03」
 (Their restaurant logo "JOELIA BY MARIO" is engraved
 on the surface of the handle. The logo makes a good match with
 the steak knife. That looks very lovely!)
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