Ken Sakamoto / 坂本 健 Restaurant 「cenci 」 Kyoto, Japan
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Ken Sakamoto / 坂本 健

  • Restaurant 「cenci 」
  • Owner / Chef
  • Kyoto, Japan

Italian Restaurant 「 cenci 」
Owner/Chef 『 Ken Sakamoto 』

Ken Sakamoto is an owner and a chef of the Italian restaurant "cenci". He opened the restaurant in December 2014 right by the Heian Shrine, Kyoto. He was born and raised in Kyoto. He also received cooking training at Italian restaurants in Kyoto. He expresses "Kyoto Cuisine" with a twist of Italian flavor that is unconventional.
His top priority is using ingredients produced in Kyoto, Japan. He also chooses cutleries and plates that are made in Japan as much as possible. This way, he can deliver messages from food industry creators along with his food.
You can see his devotion in every corner of his restaurant. One such example is the "Nejirimanpo", a twisted tunnel. The tunnel was built with the handmade bricks by the restaurant staff and Mr. Sakamoto. They made these bricks from the soil that was dug up in a process of constructing his restaurant.

【 Restaurant Information 】
Restaurant:「 cenci 」
Address:44-7 Shogoin entomi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8323
Phone: +81-75-708-5307
Opening Hours:
[lunch ] 12:00-13:30(l.o.)/15:30(close)
[dinner] 18:00-20:00(l.o.)/23:00(close)
Closing Days:
Mondays, and closed irregularly on Sundays

【 A Message from Ryusen 】

Ingredients, cutlery, plates, space, and hospitalities…. "cenci" is a genuine Italian restaurant. The restaurant is famous as the restaurant where is unable to make reservations. His creative dishes with fresh Kyoto Vegetables are exquisite. The stylish interior of the restaurant creates a hidden cave house effect by the handmade bricks. The knives the restaurant uses are the Ryusen wooden handle steak knives. The logo "cenci" is engraved on each knives. The warmth of the wooden handle matches the atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly. Seating is available at a table, counter, and private room. It is possible to make reservation up to 2 month in advance. It is a matured Kyoto-Italian restaurant to visit on a special day.
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