Noriyuki Hamada / 浜田 統之 「HOSHINOYA Tokyo」 Tokyo, Japan
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Noriyuki Hamada / 浜田 統之

  • 「HOSHINOYA Tokyo」
  • Chief Chef
  • Tokyo, Japan

Noriyuki Hamada: Executive Chef at HOSHINOYA Tokyo Dining

1975: Born in Totori, Japan.
From the age of 18, he took a culinary training in Italian food. At the age of 24, he changed his course and started to specialize in French Food.
2004: Won the first place, the youngest to win the prize, at Bocuse d'Or Japan (national selection)
2007: Became an Executive Chef at Karuizawa Hotel Bleston Court
2011: Main Dining "Yukawatan" Opened
2010: Won the 3rd place at the LE TAITTINGER International Culinary Award Japon.
2012: Won the 2nd place at Bocuse d'Or Asia Pasific (continental selection)
2013: Won the 3rd place at Bocuse d'Or France, receiving the highest score among all the contestants for the fish plate.
2014: Received an award at Ryori Masters, a completion held by Ministry of Agriculture, Forest, and Fisheries.
Released his own cookbook in France, "Noriyuki Hamada, Restaurant Yukawatan, Karuizawa Japon".
2016: Created "NIPPON CUISINE", a new style food, as Executive Chef at HOSHINOYA Tokyo

【 Restaurant Information 】
Restaurant:「 HOSHINOYA Tokyo Dining 」
Address:1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Phone: +81-50-3786-1144
Opening Hours:
[dinner] 17:30-20:30(l.o.)
 In 2011, Mr. Noriyuki Hamada was the executive chef at Bleston Court Yukawatan of Hoshino Resort. He was looking for a steak knife that will not break the delicate shapes of served food and bring out the flavor for the world's highest level cooking completion in France, Bocuse d'Or 2013. At the same time, Ryusen Hamono was pushing "Made in Japan" quality products to the world. Our knives are the result of marging "Echizen Uchi-Hamono" (Echizen forged blades), traditional techniques from our region , and our own creative ideas. We have launched our knives to European market at that time. This was when Mr. Hamada approached us with his idea of steak knife.

 Under the supervision of Mr. Hamada, we finally completed the steak knife "Asymmetry SK01". At the Bocuse d'Or 2013, the Japanese team, led by Mr. Hamada, won the remarkable bronze medal, the very first medal ever from Japanese contestants. The Japanese team and their food was remarkable but also the steak knife that was introduced and use at the table caught the attention. We were told that the sharpness of our knife impressed the judges so much that half of the judges from 24 countries brought the knife with them. This proves that people are showing interests in Japanese traditional craft works, the performance of our knife, and the design. We were grateful for this opportunity because it was a very valuable step forward to show our products to the world. The steak knife "Asymmetry SK01", created from the fateful meeting with Mr. Hamada, is still one of our best seller products. People are waiting in a queue for their orders.

 Mr. Hamada was using our knives and cutleries from back then and today as the executive chef at HOSHINOYA Tokyo, he still continues to use our products regularly.
(The photo on the left is the exclusive cutlery of HOSHINOYA Tokyo. It is designed form a set of Ryusen Hamono's steak knife and fork with the Honsusudake (very rare naturally turned colored bamboo) handle by Hinoki Kogei.
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