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Thank You for Coming
Experience-Oriented Market RENEW 2018 Held for Three Days from Oct. 19 -21

We are truly delighted that we were able to see the many smiles of those who joined our plant tour and workshop and who came to our shop, and receive many encouraging comments from them. While some participants came from far away, others came to the market this year again as they had done last year. We are truly grateful that we had an excellent opportunity to meet a wide variety of people through RENEW.

TATARA-ni-Ki-Tara, the night part of the event held at the Hamono-no-Sato, was the first such attempt made by Uchihamono artisans, but they successfully refined iron in the ancient manner. We would like to express our appreciation to all the participants and everyone concerned.

We hope that this event will further raise your interest in Echizen Uchihamono. We will continue to organize fun events; we are looking forward to seeing you.

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