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【Limited Product】
Stollen Knife - HYOGO Stollen Association x Ryusen Hamono

A collaboration between the HYOGO Stollen Association and Ryusen Hamono has produced the limited item HYOGO Stollen Knife! This knife has a special design for beautifully cutting even hard stollen, containing dried fruits and nuts.

Stollen is large-size traditional German cake eaten as a Christmas sweet. It is sliced little by little until Christmas and shared by everyone, such as family members and important friends, together with coffee or wine. While imagining such a heart-warming situation, our artisans have produced the knife with great devotion. Why not sit around a table together with your family or friends in the Christmas season and enjoy delicious stollen in a sophisticated way?

【Specifications】 Total length: 34 cm / blade length: 21 cm / width: 2.8 cm (widest part) / weight: 110 g  /

【Material】 Blade: 67 Layered Damascus Steel/ Handle: Black Pakka Wood Made in Japan

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